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Zero Gravity Massage Chair RK-Luxury

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Regular price $3,499.00
  1. Professional "L shape massage chair", 120CM super long massage stroke, from the head to the buttock directly.
  2. Zero Gravity luxury massage chair.
  3. Six-roller back massage mechanism, provide rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing and other massage programs.
  4. Auto detect function. confirm the massage range according to the body shape. 
  5. Move front before lie down, saving space. 
  6. Total 38pcs air bags provide air pressure for shoulder, waist, arm, Butt, calf and foot 
  7. Rolling massage for sole parts. 
  8. Extendable footrest, Maximum 15cm. Special design for people with different height.

Zero Gravity Luxury Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair RK-Luxury Specifications
Armrest NW/GW 19.4/26.4kgs
Legrest & footrest NW/GW 17/20kgs
Main body NW/GW 73/100kgs
Operating Voltage AC110-120V 60Hz
Packing size (Armrest) 1030 X 370 X 805 mm
Packing size (main body) 1470 X 745 X 940mm
Packing size(Legrest) 530 X 445 X 540 mm
Power Consumption 200W
Warranty 5-Years Structural, 3-Years Parts, 1-Year In-Home Service