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Alleviating pain shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. All our massage chairs make it easy to target and relieve trouble spots.

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  • I use my BetterLounge massage chair almost every night before going to bed to massage away sore spots and relax me for a good night's rest. It was the best investment I have ever made." Charlotte Neilan
  • I have Fibromyalgia and am in constant pain. My massage chair makes my life much easier, allowing me to work through the pain I live with and finally relax." Paul Schultz
  • Before I purchased my massage chair and ottoman, I was taking a lot of medication to alleviate my constant pain. Within a week of getting and using my chair and ottoman, I started noticing a big reduction in pain and increased mobility." Gwyn Anderson
  • I suffered a terrible back injury surfing in Kauai many years ago and it’s never been right ever since. Getting massages in my massage chair has really helped me in many ways." Corky Carroll, pro surfer
  • With my Human Touch chair I’m able to prepare my mind and body to perform at peak levels, which can easily translate to a couple strokes – often the difference between winning a tournament and missing the cut." Tim Clark, PGA Tour champion
  • I’ve been using and promoting Human Touch products for 15 years. It’s the only massage chair brand I use and offer in my practice. When patients recline in the Human Touch Perfect Chair, it immediately de-loads the spine, taking all the weight off spastic discs and muscles and alleviating pain." John Maltby, Doctor of Chiropractic