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Massage Chair Optima

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Regular price $3,640.00


  • Full body Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • S Track Massage
  • Backrest Recline with Footrest or Footrest lift alone
  • Heat on Back
  • Adjustable Foot Rest & Ankle Flip (spring mode)
  • 28 Air Bag Air Massage on Shoulder, Arm, Leg & Feet
  • 5 Manual Modes – Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading-Tapping
  • Adjustable Speed (5 levels), Air Intensity (2 levels & off), Width (3 levels on Tapping, Shiatsu, Knocking modes)
  • 4 Pre-set Massage – Comfort, Relax, Neck, Waist
  • Spot Massage – Spot, Partial, Overall massage on the back
  • Quad Rollers
  • Remote Holder & Head Cushion

Galaxy Optima Massage Chair

Galaxy Optima Massage Chair

Five Manual Mode

five manual mode
Galaxy Optima Massage Chair

Whole Body Airbag Massage

Airbag Massage

8 Calf/Foot Airbag

The multiple air bags along the siders and back of the legs and feet which inflate to apply a compression massage

8 Arm Airbag

The material has also incorporated some upgrades, such as the arm massaging area

4 Shoulder Airbag

The outer and top part of the shoulders have not been forgotten

Galaxy Optima Massage Chair Video

Massage Chair Optima Specifications
Gross Weight 183 LBS
Net Weight 154.3 lbs
Operating Voltage AC110-120V 60Hz
Rated Time 20Min
Recline Dimensions 68.2"L X 30"W X24"H
Standby Power 0.1-1W
Upright Dimensions 41"L X 30"W X39"H
Warranty 1 Year (Parts/Labor) 2&3 Year (Parts Only)