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RK-Miracle II Massage Recliner with Hand Massage

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Regular price $2,499.00

This massage chair has an upgraded SL track to deliver a full body massage with tapping and kneading and both, air massage on the side hip, hands, and legs, as well as a 113 degree heating therapy.

  • 3- Intensity air compression massage on side hips, hands and legs
  • Provide your back with constant 113 degree F heating to promote circulation
  • The zero-gravity mode with one-button control for weightless enjoyment
  • Built with SL track for better fitting your body shape
  • 116 degree -146 degree backrest adjustment, requires only 0.6"far from the wall
  • Unique pop-out hand air massage boxes with patent to relieve hand soreness
  • Massage balls can precisely find the accurate points to apply pressure
  • Controlled by the short-cut keys on the armrest
  • It has USB charging port and mobile phone storage bag
  • You can connect your phone and play music through the Bluetooth speaker
  • Breathable head cushion for cushioning massage strength
  • Fully assembled for customer-friendly experience
  • Built-in wheels at the bottom for easy movement
  • Compact size for small rooms and offices

Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner with SL Track Heat

This massage chair has an upgraded SL track to deliver a full body massage with tapping and kneading and both, air massage on the side hip, hands, and legs, as well as a 113 degree heating therapy.

Besides, you can choose 3 speeds of the manual massage and 3 intensities of air compression massage. This massage chair has 3 auto programs and a zero-gravity mode. And with patented pop-out hand massage boxes, it also air-cell-massages your hands. Leave a 0.6"gap against the wall, so you can adjust the backrest from 116 degree to 146 degree. The SL track perfectly fits the body curve, allowing you to enjoy a massage from the neck to the thigh. And it has convenient armrest shortcut controller, which is easy to operate for the elderly. The Blue-tooth speaker makes a 3D-sounding sound for you to deeply enjoy the massage. And all of these do not need any assembly.

Key Features

Patented Hand Air Massage

The hand massage box has a unique press-to-pop-out design. Inside of the boxes equipped with 2 airbags for hand squeezing massage to have your carpal tunnel syndrome improved. It will only massage one hand at a time for user-friendly consideration. Besides, this massage chair has a compact size for small rooms.

Versatile Massage Options

You will be offered 3 manual massage techniques (Kneading and Tapping, Kneading, tapping), 3 auto modes, and air compression massage on the hip, hands, and shoulders. There will be 3 selectable speeds on manual and 2 optional intensities on pneumatic. This massager also has a back heater, providing a constant 113 degree / 45 degree to circulate the blood.

One Button Zero Gravity Mode

This massage chair has a one-button zero gravity design. This mode provides a posture of the nearest weightless, which lifts your calf up to be level with your heart and heavily relieves the pressure on your neck. You can personally adjust the back to an ideal angle, from 116 degree to 146 degree. And it only needs 0.05" away from the wall.

Extended 98 38.5" SL Track

Comparing with fixed point massage, this shiatsu massage chair has an extended 98 38.5", which flexibly covers more massage areas and fits your body curve better. To reach the best massage effect, you can adjust the massage balls up and down to find the exact spot for the cervical. This chair is suitable for people of 4.9-6.2 FT.

Practical and User-friendly Design

The built-in armrest short cut keys have easy-understandable icons and different light indicators to easily control the massage chair. And it includes a USB socket to charge your phone. Coming with Bluetooth speakers, this massage chair allows you to bask in music. More conveniently, this massage chair comes in fully assembled.

RK-Miracle II Massage Recliner with Hand Massage Specifications
Chair Size (Reclining) 56.5"L x 27.5"W x 35"H
Chair Size (Upright) 43.5"L x 27.5"W x 44"H
Material Metal, synthetic leather, PP, ABS, sponge
Minimum Doorway Size 27.5"
Net weight 133 lbs
Operating Voltage AC110-120V 60Hz
Power cord length 79"
Product Maximum Weight 220 lbs
Suitable Height 4.9-6.2 FT
Warranty 3-Year Limited Repair or Replacement Warranty