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Robotic Massage Chairs Warranty in Canadian Market

Posted by Lynn Hu on

You made the big ticket purchase of a luxury robotic massage chair, after all, you deserve the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation!  The last thing you want is to have the stress of paying more money out of pocket some time down the road because of some small technical problem.  But without knowing what your warranty coverage is, you could end up in this exact situation.

To help you avoid this unpleasant surprise, we have done the market research for you.  In the chart below you will find a simple, easy to understand summary of every Massage chair warranty in the Canadian market.  We are dedicated to having people live happier, healthier lives by introducing the finest wellness furniture available to Canadian homes.  Our store warranty for robotic massage chairs is simply the best: 5 years in-home service warranty, or replacement! No matter which brand or model you buy from

Robotic Massage Chairs Warranty in Canadian Market 2015

This comprehensive warranty chart took 3 independent experts 3 months to research and investigate! If you want to get PDF or Excel format, Email with the title of ‘Request warranty chart in PDF (or Excel)’.